We have maintained our expertise right from the initiation of producing of various grades of oils of which are refined castor oil FSG and Refined castor oil PPG and castor oil cakes which are low protein and high protein in categorization.

Refined Castor Oil FSG

The synonym to this product goes as First Special Grade castor oil which is produced by bleaching and filtering processes.

Refined Castor Oil PPG

The synonym to this product goes with the name as Pale Pressed Grade with a pale yellow in colour. The application to refinedcastor oil PPG is most prominently seen in raw materials and industrial grade derivatives.

Castor De Oiled Cake

Low Protein: This version of oil cakes has a considerably low amount of protein as to about only (25-30) %.

Castor De Oiled Cake

High Protein: this version of oil cakes has a comparatively high amount of protein ranging close to 50% of total weight.